White Paper: When security matters for your AV over IP solution | Video | Silex Insight

May 19, 2021

When security matters for your
AV over IP solution

Transmitter/Receiver designed to uphold strict security

Are you concerned about security with an AV over IP installation? Will it break the strict security measures in your enterprise networks? Will sending video and audio over an IP network not allow hackers access to sensitive or confidential material? Will you have to start planning and implementing security all over again?

No worries, this paper will give you more insight about transmitter/receiver board that has been designed to uphold strict security, but also to be plugged into environments that are already secured, without introducing security holes. Whether you just have confidential or sensitive AV material to transport, or you already have a highly secured network and want to fit in AV transport, you can rest assured of the out-of-the-box security with AV over IP solutions from Silex Insight.


It includes:

  • • AV encryption and end-to-end protection  
  • • Protected access for management and configuration
  • • Secure boot  
  • • Secure hardware keys
  • • Secure OTA updates
  • • True Random Number Generator (TRNG)
  • • …and more

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