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Crypto Coprocessors

Offload the Compute Intensive Security Tasks From the Main Processor, Increasing the System Performance

The Cryptographic Coprocessors (or CryptoSoc Accelerators) are built upon a hardware IP core platform that accelerates cryptographic operations in System-on-Chip (SoC) environment on FPGA and ASIC.

Symmetric operations are offloaded very efficiently as it has a built-in scatter/gather DMA. The coprocessor can be used to accelerate/offload IPsec, VPN, TLS/SSL, disk encryption, or any custom application requiring cryptography algorithms.

Built For Your Specific Needs

The scalable cryptographic engine supports symmetric encryption (AES, Chacha20, SM4, …), asymmetric operations (ECDSA, ECDH, RSA, SM2, …), hashing (SHA-1, SHA-256, SM3, …) and random number generation. The cryptographic engine can be configured to reach the performance level required by your application, enabling efficient offloading of the main CPU.


Include features as needed


Define performance and footprint depending on your needs


Adapt to your specific needs







Increased Performance For Any Application

The crypto coprocessors enables faster cryptographic processing in SoC devices as they accelerate symmetric and asymmetric ciphers, and Hash- and HMAC-based integrity algorithms.



We chose Silex Insight as our partner for Crypto Coprocessor because its footprint can be scaled exactly to our requirements while still retaining top-notch performance.

As we’re designing, among other products, an automotive-grade FPGA platform that will sit at the heart of a car-to-X infrastructure, it needs to allow for massive IoT-like deployments. Silex Insight offered us a platform that is as small and energy-efficient as possible and at the same time be 100% dependable and secure.

Integrate Your Desired Crypto IP Cores

The coprocessor platform integrates your desired selection of our cryptographic IP cores (including our TRNG solutions), additional interfacing, DMA and software layers providing a complete solution.

The following cryptographic engines can integrated:

A Crypto Platform For SoC FPGA And ASIC

The platform IP core is available for ASIC and FPGA technology. The supported features of the co-processor are tailored to the requirements of each customer in order to reach the minimum footprint necessary.

The software API and drivers are interfacing with mbedTLS and the CryptoAPI from the Linux OS. They are provided with the co-processor to enable an easy integration with your application. Hardware offloading is directly available to applications using mbedTLs, OpenSSL or interfacing with the kernel through Cryptodev and AF_ALG.

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A Complete Family Of


Specifically designed for devices with strict power & area constraints


Integrates desired cryptographic IP cores, additional interfacing, DMA & software layers


Builds on top of standard features to support isolated hardware key generation & usage

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