Video Codec IP Cores

High Performance Codecs

High-end image and video compression IP cores for professional applications. Our IP cores are available on FPGAs and ASICs. All of the  codecs are scalable and flexible to match the specific constraints of each application (latency, image format, performance).

They support various image resolution, frame rate and latency constraints. They are also suitable for very complex systems with very high image resolution (4K/8K or more) or ultra-low latency.

Wide Variety Of Applications

These codecs are used in many different applications including broadcast, Pro AV, digital cinema, industrial, printing, military and aerospace.

AV Over IP Solutions

With our AV over IP solutions you can make your own choice of what is needed for your solution. If you only need our IP Cores, or a complete finished “ready-to-sell” product…we have the solution!