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Accelerates cryptographic operations in System-on-Chip (SoC) environment on FPGA or ASIC

To answer the needs of high-performance systems, a new generation of powerful processors is being designed and deployed. These multi-core SoCs contain dedicated hardware accelerators that offload challenging tasks, such as network protocol computation, AI and deep learning, and – most importantly – security. For a security performance that matches the speed of the new SoCs we have developed a scalable hardware IP block that handles encryption at speeds from a few Gbps to over 100Gbps, depending on the needs.


The Network Security Crypto Accelerator is used to accelerate/offload MACsec, IPsec, VPN, TLS/SSL, disk encryption, or any other custom application, requiring symmetric cryptography algorithms. It can also be combined with the eSecure Root of Trust module to form a complete secure enclave, that will handle the keys without exposing them to the software, which makes it suited for even the most regulated and security-sensitive industries.


Wide Area of Applications

The Network Security Crypto Accelerator will bring the most efficient and flexible solution to your needs, whatever technology and architecture you choose.

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Network Security Crypto Accelerator Includes Direct Memory
Access (DMA)

Native speeds of hardware cores may remain largely theoretical if the host processor is not able to deliver data to the crypto module and process the results at the same speed. That is why this Network Security Crypto Accelerator includes a Direct Memory Access (DMA) interface to the host memory space. Here, the operations are efficiently offloaded via a built-in scatter-gather DMA optimized to handle networks packets of any size.  

Built For Your Specific Needs

The Network Security Crypto Accelerator can be configured to reach the performance level required by your application.


Include features you want


Define performance and footprint depending on your target


Adapt to your specific needs







The following cryptographic engines can be selected to be integrated:

Crypto Integrated

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Other high performance IP blocks to offload network & security processing

Can be used in combination with the Network Security Crypto Accelerator

We’re offering the key components to boost your data center, including one of the fastest SSL/TLS handshaking engines for asymmetric operations in the industry and ultra-high performance MACsec and IPsec processing.

TLS Handshake Hardware Accelerator

An asymmetric secure connection engine that can be used to offload the compute intensive Public Key operations.

MACsec Engine

Providing connectionless data integrity, data origin authenticity and confidentiality on OSI layer 2.

IPsec Engine

Providing confidentiality, connectionless data integrity, data-origin authentication and replay protection on OSI layer 3.


New data-centric processors require ultrahigh-performance cryptography that runs at the speed of the network. Our solution combines an on-SoC core with DMA support to allow sustained cryptographic services of over 100Gbps at the system level.

In addition, an in-line combination of our eSecure Root of Trust offers a complete solution to our customers. A solution, moreover, that can be tuned to the desired needs to arrive at the most efficient, cost-effective, and secure system.

Sébastien Rabou
CTO, Silex Insight

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