Platform & Solutions

In the ever-growing IoT, security will be a key parameter to protect devices and users from several kind of threats (denial of service, theft of service, identity theft/spoofing, espionage and a many others). Critical infrastructures (industry, nuclear power plants, automotive, healthcare…) can be seriously affected by flaws in the security. Silex Insight’s security platforms and solutions are highly flexible and enabled to provide performance, silicon size and security level tailored to your needs. They also facilitate easy integration in your SoC/ASIC or FPGA.

Cryptography algorithms manage to cover some part of the security in embedded systems but also other parts of the device security have to be taken into account. The eSecure platform provides a TEE (Trusted Executed environment) playing also the role of Root of Trust in the design:

  • Secure Boot
  • Device authentication
  • Secure Key Storage
  • Secure Data storage
  • Secure Debugging/Interfaces
  • Secure Communication
  • Anti-tampering mechanism


Beside the features above, our security platforms also take into account the different security constraints and operations during the life time of your products i.e. security during manufacturing, meployement and update in the field


  • IoT
  • Automotive (V2V, V2X, intravehicle…)
  • Wearables
  • Home automation – Smart Home
  • Healthcare
  • Digital Storage
  • Digital Payment
  • Defence
  • HSM