True 4K Multiview – AV over IP

In a world of collaboration, more and more applications require to display different video sources at the same time. Our True 4K Multiview solution can combine various video streams into one video stream for display on a single monitor, just by using an AV over IP transmitter for each source and an AV over IP receiver at the display side. Multiple monitors can be combined into large video walls on a standard IP Network creating endless combinations without using complex video processors.

Most of the solutions on the market only support limited numbers of sources or require big computing power and memory. This is not the case for this solution as we are offering a unique lightweight solution based on the Colibri codec.

Taking advantage of the possibility to combine the streams in the compressed domain, together with the VIPER (AV over IP board), it supports 4K 4:4:4 resolution, ultra-low latency, with the computing power and memory of standard AV decoder products.


100% Flexible Layouts

With the True 4K Multiview you can decide what to be shown on the monitor. Easily change the stream and add, delete, or resize in order to highlight what is important. Logo, text and background can be directly inserted.


Colibri – Superior lightweight slice-based video codec

Thanks to its slice-based processing, the Colibri codec makes it relatively easy to build a Multiview application with  many video channels (up to 12 simultaneously streams) without  requiring a lot of extra memory.

The Multiview compositing pipeline is executed in the compressed domain. This means that the compressed slices are read from the stream buffers and are combined to create a compressed stream for the chosen output resolution.

A single Colibri decoder instance is therefore enough, keeping the resource usage in the FPGA at an extremely low level.

Note: The slices in the above image are larger than in reality for the purpose of visualizing the slice boundaries.


True 4K Multiview  + Video Wall

The True 4K Multiview solution can be used together with the video wall feature already available in the VIPER AV over IP board. Each displays can combine various video streams, so the number of total streams are endless. All streams can be placed and cropped to build the desired layout while being perfectly synchronized using PTP.



  • Combine video streams
  • 4K
  • Zero Latency
  • Easy API integration
  • Low power with PoE or PoE+ support
  • Ultra-fast switching
  • Logo/text insertion
  • Supports 1, 2.5 & 10GbE
  • Secure & reliable transmission
  • Field upgradable
  • Any resolution



  • Intelligent traffic systems
  • Power & utilities
  • Surveillance & security
  • Conferences
  • Public & emergency services
  • Health care
  • Data monitoring
  • Defense


Custom OEM board for 4K HDMI AV over IP

VIPER, which is in-house designed and developed is a fully integrated board that is perfectly suited for Multiview and ultra-low latency audio/video over IP. The transmit and receive boards are production-ready and reduce the development cost of the system. Viper features high resolutions up to 4K/UHD over 1Gb, 2.5Gb or 10Gb Ethernet cable. The HDMI video is transported over Ethernet after compression with the Colibri codec.

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