Bus protection and encryption

BA432 IP core for bus protection


The BA432a and BA432b IP cores are developed validated and licensed by Silex Insight.

The BA432a is an in-line decryption IP Core enabling on- the-fly execution of encrypted code from Flash. The BA432b is an in-line bus protection module that implements data privacy and authentication. It is typically placed between the processor(s) and an external memory controller (DDRx).


  • On-the-fly encrytion/decryption and authentication
  • In-place execution of encrypted code
  • Transparent for the processor
  • Scalable data bus width (32, 64, 128 bits)
  • Based on AES fully compliant with NIST FIPS 197
  • Supports all key sizes (128/192/256 bits)
  • Scalable internal Cache
  • AHB/AXI Master/slave interfaces
  • SPA/DPA countermeasures (optional)
  • Easy to integrate
  • Can be provided with Q-SPI Controller (optional)


  • On-the-fly execution of encrypted code
  • Embedded security processor
  • Finance and payment

Reference: BA432a and BA432b