Chacha20-Poly1305 IP core for authenticated encryption.



The BA417 IP core is a RFC7539 compliant crypto engine to provide Authenticated Encryption with Associated Data (AEAD) using the Chacha20 stream cipher combined with the Poly1305 message-authentication code.  The IP core is available for ASIC and FPGA devices (Altera, Xilinx, Microsemi). It has simple interfaces and is easy to integrate.

The unique architecture enables a high level of flexibility. The throughput and features required by a specific application can be taken into account in order to select the most optimal configuration for any FPGA or ASIC technology. The IP Core can be combined with scatter/gather DMA and AMBA interfaces (AHB/AXI) enabling multi-Gbps throughput in SoC solutions.

This IP Core is also available in the BA470 eSecure security module IP Core.


  • Fully compliant with RFC7539
  • Supports encryption/decryption only (Chacha20)
  • Supports authentication only (Poly1305)
  • Supports authentication and encryption mode (AEAD)
  • Default AXI4 stream interface
  • AMBA AHB/AXI bridges with optional scatter/gather DMA
  • FPGA (Altera, Xilinx, Microsemi) and ASIC (TSMC, UMC, GF…) technologies
  • Low power features
  • Key generation for Poly1305
    • ChaCha20
    • Dedicated input
  • Full synchronous design




Reference: BA417