The eSecure IP is a single subsystem for SoC/ASIC/FPGA to address key security challenges, playing the role of Root-of-Trust. The module is highly flexible and fits all applications of the heterogeneous Internet-of-Things ecosystem, from the ultra-low power sensor to the connected car.


Answer all your security needs


Secure any application

The eSecure IP is a very efficient solution to enable any secure application on chip. The hardware module shielded from the main processor brings a high level of security. Also the hardware offloading of the cryptographic operations from the main processor to the eSecure module guarantees a low power operation. The eSecure module is tuned to the target application in terms of feature and performance.


Built for your specific needs

The scalable cryptographic engine supports symmetric encryption (AES, DES, SM4, …), asymmetric operations (ECDSA, ECDH, RSA, SM2, …), hashing (SHA-1, SHA-256, SM3, …) and random number generation. The cryptographic engine can be configured to reach the performance level required by your application, enabling efficient offloading of the main CPU.

eSecure IP module

The eSecure IP is a complete standalone module that enables security applications by shielding the secret information from the non-secure application running on the main processor. The firewall prevents any unauthorized access to the secret data. The secure controller embedded in the eSecure module keeps full control of the execution of the security functions. In some designs, the secure controller can be optionally virtualized in the host processor.



eSecure got your security covered!

Reference: BA470