Public Key (asymmetric)

A tiny or high-performance Public Key crypto engine for RSA, ECC and ECDSA. A 100% CPU offload solution available on ASIC and FPGA


Public Key cryptography is part of many security standards and is widely used to establish secure communication channels across unsecure open networks. Our Public Key IP core can be used in applications such as TLS/SSL, IPSec/VPN, Car2X communication, Wireless communication (BLE, ZigBee…). Public key cryptography is also a key element of a HSM (Hardware Security Module) which needs to generate asymmetric key pairs and sign/authenticate data at very high speed.

Software solutions are often too slow and overload the CPU. Processor accelerators are often not flexible enough and hard to use efficiently. The Public Key IP Core is an efficient hardware accelerator offloading 100% of the asymmetric operations from the processor and really offering significant and valuable advantages.

The high-level of scalability of the Public Key IP Core enables ASIC and FPGA designers to get the best trade-off between area and performance. Ultra-fast configurations are available.

SW API/drivers are provided upon delivery to support higher-level operations combining other Crypto IP Cores (Hash, RNG, and AES). Linux drivers and OpenSSL engine are available to ease the integration at the application level.



  • High-level of scalability with solutions implementing from 4 up to 256 multipliers
  • 100% CPU off-load (pre and post-processing included)
  • Portability: ASIC and FPGA
  • RSA, CRT, DH, DSA (Digital Signature Algorithm) up to 4096 bits
  • ECC/ECDH/ECDSA in F(p) and F(2m) up to 1024 bits
    • Point addition/doubling/multiplication
    • NIST, Brainpool, Koblitz, Edwards, Montgomery, Twisted-Edwards and Weierstrass
    • Support for SM2
  • Rabin-Miller Primality check, Key Generation
  • Apple Home Kit:
    • Curve25519
    • EdDSA
    • SRP
  • Arithmetic operations in both fields F(p) and F(2m)
    • Modular Addition/ Subtraction/ Multiplication/ Division/ Inversion/ Exponentiation
  • Optional add-on for protection against SPA/DPA
  • Control Interface: APB/AXI4-Lite compliant CPU Interface
  • Data interface: AHB/AXI Slave interface
  • Off-the-shelf and silicon-proven solution



  • MPU/MCU Crypto acceleration
  • Industrial communications
  • Hardware Security Module (HSM)
    • Car-to-X
    • Banking
    • Government
    • Enterprise VPN
  • Networking security
    • TLS/SSL
    • IPsec
    • Diffie-Hellman


Reference: BA414EP