SHA-3 Crypto Engine

The SHA-3 crypto engine has integrated flexibility and scalability to allow for high throughput and a configurable number of hashing rounds per clock cycle to optimize the silicon resource/performance ratio. Fixed-length or extendable-output (XOF) functions can simply be chosen per individual message through configuration settings.


Standardized AXI-4 and AHB (optional) I/O simplifies system integration. Accountability is guaranteed by single RTL database for all configurations in either ASIC or FPGA application. It is delivered with software drivers for easy integration.


  • ASIC and FPGA
  • FIPS 202 compliant
  • Supported fixed-length functions:
    • SHA3-224
    • SHA3-256
    • SHA3-384
    • SHA3-512
  • Supported XOF functions:
    • SHAKE128
    • SHAKE256
  • Context save and load
  • Very high throughput
  • Low power feature
  • Control interface
  • Compact solution
  • Data interface: AMBA (AXI/AHB) with optional DMA
  • Control interface: APB/AXI4-lite


  • Encrypted data storage
  • Secure communications
  • Secure processing
  • IPsec acceleration
  • E-commerce
  • VPN
  • Financial Transactions

Reference: BA418