SM4-XTS Multi-Booster

The SM4-XTS Multi-Booster crypto engine includes a generic & scalable implementation of the SM4 algorithm (a block cipher specified by the OSCCA) making the solution ideal for high-end applications (including key, tweak, input and output registers and Galois field multiplier).

This crypto engine targets high-performance applications such as data storage and memory encryption. Thanks to its scalability, it can be tailored to reach the best trade-off between performances, area and technology.



The SM4-XTS crypto engine is easily portable to ASIC and FPGA. It supports a wide range of applications on various technologies. The unique architecture enables a high level of flexibility. The throughput and features required by a specific application can be taken into account in order to select the most optimal and compact configuration.


  • ASIC and FPGA
  • High throughput:
    • ASIC: >400 Gbps
    • FPGA: 100 Gbps/s
  • Scalable solution
  • Can be provided with AXI DMA & software
  • Masking with excellent protection against SPA & DPA
  • Cipher stealing (optional)
  • Low power feature
  • Straight forward integration with simple FIFO interfaces



  • Encrypted disk/data storage
  • External memory encryption
  • Chinese market

For other XTS Multi-Booster solutions, please see dedicated product sheet: AES-XTS Multi-Booster (BA416). We also offer a multi-purpose SM4 Crypto Engine (BA419) and SM4-GCM Multi-booster (BA415)


Reference: BA425