Today’s designs must meet challenging requirements: high speed, low power, respect the environment policies like RoHS, while coping with the continuous increasing speed and gate count of the components devices.

Silex Insight offers a complete set of services from concept proofing and demonstration platforms to prototype production and pilot production of assembled printed circuit boards (PCBA).

Besides the board design, we may help to implement any algorithm on any FPGA device. We validate the code and deliver complete tested units.

Embedded Software Design

Summary of the board design services offering:

  • Engineering of your algorithms
  • Engineering of your board based on your system requirements
  • Schematic capture and detailed board & device level design using our board design and component expertise
  • High speed interconnect design, Impedance and Trace matching
  • Layout for high layer count boards
  • BOM Components definition and material management
  • Prototyping of your board by using our or customer specific design rules
  • DFT, DFM, during prototyping
  • Documentation
  • End of life management during and after prototyping
  • Support by re-engineering

The added value to our customers

  • Tight integration with the customer and our engineering team, enables to provide valuable Design for Manufacturability (DFM) feedback, and assures a smooth transition from prototype to high-volume production
  • Access to experienced board designers to define your system requirements and to meet time-to-market pressure
  • Strong relationship with components vendors and in special FPGA vendors like Altera and Xilinx
  • Strong engineering team to develop your VHDL or any other algorithm, to integrate and to validate on your board