Embedded Software

Silex Insight offers embedded and driver software, to support, access, control or test the designed hardware parts and specializes in design and implementation of:

  • drivers for :
    • our IP cores
    • the blocks, FPGA, ASICs or boards we design
    • PCI Express, Ethernet, Flash, SPI, I2C, GPIO…
  • production tests, validation tests, performance measurement
  • example programs and driver documentation
  • command and control applications

We obtain high efficient data transfers with a combination of register access, interrupts and DMA.We develop in standard or custom development environments:

  • bare-metal
  • bootloaders
  • RTOS
  • embedded Linux (Yocto)
  • Windows embedded

We support most general-purpose and embedded CPUs: x86 and x64, ARM Cortex A8, A9-based SoCs, Zynq and SoC FPGA, ARM Cortex M3, M4, PowerPC QorIQ, MicroBlaze, Nios II…