Silex Insight offers complete SoC design development for ASIC. We can handle all steps from the architecture/conception up to the manufacturing depending on customer needs.

Our ASIC design capabilities include complex System-on-Chip design for low power and high performance. Our designs are multi-million gates design (ASIC/SoC/SiP design) including high performance processors. We integrate peripherals and memory interfaces, processors and analog IP.

Together with our partner solutions (Faraday & Andes Technology) we accelerate the development of the ASIC.

We have long experience in many different applications, such as video and image processing, payment, multimedia, navigation systems, automotive and many more.

Our design service includes:

Pre-study and specification

  • Specification definition in collaboration with customer
  • Technology and package choice
  • Cost evaluation
  • IP selection

Design and verification

  • RTL coding (VHDL, Verilog)
  • Lower power techniques
  • Verification and validation (System Verilog, UVM, C, VHDL)
  • FPGA emulation
  • Post-layout verification

Implementation (front-end)

  • Synthesis
  • Formal verification
  • STA
  • Power optimization flow (clock gating, power islands, …)
  • Foundry flow

Implementation (back-end)

  • DFT insertion
  • Bonding analysis
  • System in Package (SiP)
  • Place and route

Fabrication and supply chain management

  • Mask generation
  • Wafer fabrication
  • Assembly and packaging
  • Final test