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June 17, 2021

Silex Insight’s TRNG selected for MiG-V from HENSOLDT Cyber

Silex Insight, a leading provider of embedded security IP cores, has entered into an agreement with HENSOLDT Cyber, a leading developer of secure embedded systems for the IT market, to use Silex Insight’s True Random Number Generator (TRNG) as part of the highly secure RISC-V processor “Made in Germany”. Named MiG-V, a RISC-V RV64IMAC processor that enables customers to build connectivity-oriented security applications in areas like the Internet of Things.

The security landscape is rapidly ever-changing, and IoT developers face increasing pressure to step up device security and meet evolving regulatory requirements. HENSOLDT Cyber includes the TRNG from Silex Insight to enable security in their MiG-V solution.

The TRNG from Silex Insight is a digital source of entropy designed for compliance with the NIST-800-90B AIS31 and the latest FIPS 140-3 validation. The IP Core successfully passed NIST-800-22, 90B and AIS31 test suites on the entropy source.

The HENSOLDT Cyber MiG-V is a general purpose, logic-encrypted processor, targeting high-security applications. Logic encryption hinders the insertion of hardware Trojans, giving HENSOLDT Cyber the full control of the design and production chain. The CPU is based on a RISC-V core and can be used together with the formally verified seL4®  microkernel (hosted in the chip’s internal ROM) to create an ultra-secure solution.

MiG-V Solution

This highly secure RISC-V processor that is ideal for security-sensitive applications, will be available for shipping from HENSOLDT Cyber end of June 2021. For more information about the MIG-V, please visit: www.hensoldt-cyber.com/mig-v


The two companies will continue their collaboration on future solutions designed for secure communication for IoT products.


About Silex Insight

Silex Insight is a recognized market-leading independent supplier of Security IP solutions for embedded systems and custom OEM solutions for AVoIP/Video IP codec. The security platforms and solutions from Silex Insight include flexible and high-performance crypto engines which are easy to integrate and an eSecure IP module that provides a complete security solution for all platforms. For custom OEM solutions for AVoIP/Video IP codec, Silex Insight provides high-end image and video compression solutions for distributing low latency, 4K HDR video over IP. Development take place at the headquarters near Brussels, Belgium.


For more information, please visit www.silexinsight.com or follow Silex Insight on LinkedIN.



About HENSOLDT Cyber
Founded in 2018, HENSOLDT Cyber GmbH is a German Corporate Start-up company based in Taufkirchen near Munich that develops embedded information technology products meeting the highest security requirements. These integrate a highly secure operating system with security hardened hardware, thus creating a secure IT instead of IT security for the global IT market. The company combines more than 50 years of experience in defense and security electronics of the HENSOLDT Group with academic world-class expertise in hardware and software development. HENSOLDT Cyber currently employs more than 50 people at various locations.

Further information about the company can be found at www.hensoldt-cyber.com or follow HENSOLDT Cyber on LinkedIN.



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