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The SM4-GCM Multi-Booster crypto engine is a scalable implementation of the SM4-GCM algorithm compliant with the standard GBT.32907-2016 published by the Organization of State Commercial Administration of China. The unique architecture enables high throughput while maintaining an optimal resource usage.

The SM4-GCM (Galois Counter Mode) is an authenticated encryption algorithm which combines the SM4 counter mode for encryption and the Galois field multiplier for the authentication. The encryption and authentication occur in parallel to enable high throughput.

The GCM cipher mode is well suited to secure high speed communication channels and is widely used in different standards.

The SM4-GCM  Multi-Booster crypto engine includes key management and context switching. The optimized context switching enables handling of multiple virtual streams of data within a single core. The key can be selected for each packet independently. The advanced pipelined architecture of the SM4-GCM core enables small data packets to be processed without penalty on performance.



Wide Area of Applications

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Built For Your Specific Needs

The unique architecture enables high level of flexibility. The throughput and features requested will be taken into account in order to select the most optimal configuration. It is easily portable to ASIC and FPGA technologies and addresses a wide range of networking applications where security is a concern.


Include features as needed


Define performance and footprint depending on your needs


Adapt to your specific needs







A complete family of SM4 crypto engines

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